Online Stores

Zero-risk, no-labor, turn-key platform to help you manage your apparel sales and raise money

How the Process Works

1. Work with our design team to create your logo and choose your products

2. Share the link to your custom store with friends & family

3. We do all the order collection, payment processing, and the other not-so-fun parts that go with an apparel sale

4. We deliver your orders individually bagged and tagged for easy distribution on delivery day


Saves Time

You do not have to collect individual orders, chase down payment, or sort through multiple boxes when the orders arrive

Saves Money

All goods are produced after your online store closes, which eliminates any upfront purchase of inventory. Also, our online stores are free to setup and run

Simpler Process

No more filling out a spreadsheet and hoping it’s correct. Customers use their credit card to buy straight from your online store and we track all orders on the backend

More Fundraising

Online stores allow more garment and color options, which leads to increased sales

Great for Fundraising

Whether you are raising money for athletic equipment, charity, or a scholarship fund, we can add a certain amount to your price to donate to your cause.

Here’s an Example

Your cost for a hooded sweatshirt is $25.  You want to raise $10 per hoodie so you sell them at $35.

If you sell 50 hoodies, you will raise $500 for your cause.

Different Store Types to Fit Your Needs

Pop-Up Store

 Bulk orders taken over 1-3 weeks

 12-piece minimum per design

 Items produced after store closes & shipped 2 weeks later

 Great for fundraisers, large group orders, team spirit wear

Year-Round Store

 We develop a store that can be integrated into your website

 No minimum order quantity & store is live all year

 Items are produced on demand and shipped within 3-5 business days

 Great for school spirit stores, company stores, or any organization that would not like to carry inventory

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