Distinguish your brand from others in your industry with high quality, professional embroidered products.


Embroidery is the technique of decorating your product using high-tech sewing machines equipped with several needles and specialty software

It is the most durable way to decorate hats, polos and jackets

It is a completely different process than screen printing, but yields equally impressive, beautiful and lasting results


Pricing is based on the stitch count of your logo

The size and intricacy of your design will ultimately affect this stitch count


Embroidery requires artwork to be digitized, which is the process of taking a design from paper to a digital format that shows where each stitch will go

If you have your digitized logo, great!  If you don’t, no need to worry!  Our design team can put a design together and digitize it for you!


Once your order is submitted and partially paid for, our art department prepares digital proofs that includes thread colors, stitch count, and logo location

Final proofs allow to verify everything is set up perfectly to your specifications

After your review and approval, your apparel goes into printing and then on its way to you